3 Must Do’s Before Surgery in Bangkok

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If you are having any type of plastic surgery you will need to take note of the three below tips before traveling to Bangkok, Thailand. I know these at not things we usually want to skip from our weekly beauty routine, but they are important to note.

  1. No acrylic nails
    If you normally wear acrylic nails these must be taken off before surgery. I recommend going to your regular beautician before leaving Australia and having this done.
  2. No nail polish
    I mean any type of nail polish, coloured or clear. I know this seams a little extreme to have all nail polish off, but we have had patients with clear polish on at time of consultation and the nurse noticed. She then went and got acetone and took the clear polish off.
  3. No fake tan
    Yes, we Aussies like a little fake tan….lol But it is very important to have not fake tan on your skin for at least 10 days prior to surgery. This includes a spray tan, oil or even tinted moisturiser. The tan can contain extra chemicals or bacteria on the skin that might add to your infection risks.

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