Abdominoplasty Recovery

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Abdominoplasty also known as a Tummy Tuck is one of the larger plastic surgery procedures. Not only is the incision large (hip to hip) but the amount of work done beneath the skin is quite extensive and therefore the recovery can be slow. Here are a few tips that will help get the best recovery and results post Abdominoplasty.

When it comes to recovery you will start to few better around 2 – 3 weeks post op, but 6 weeks is when most surgeons will allow their patients to start back in their everyday routines.

Make sure you take pain medication as per your surgeons instructions, as pain during your recovery can actually slow the healing process down. Make sure you take ALL of your antibiotics, as many people stop taking them as they feel fine and think they no longer need them.

Listen to your surgeon’s instructions! This is can be anything from when to start showering normally to how to clean your incisions. A big one we often have to explain to patients post op, that even when you are feeling ok post op to still take it slow and not do too much, too soon. However after a few days a small amount of walking is important to help with blood flow and lessen the chance of blood clots.

Sleep with pillows under your upper body so you are at a slight angle and with a pillow or 2 beneath your knees. This will allow the pressure to be taken off your stitchers both internal and external.

It is important to wear a good quality post op compression garment to compress your abdomen and help with swelling. This should be worn at all times unless showering, until your surgeon recommends otherwise.

With any plastic surgery the biggest no no is smoking. Please do not smoke for at least 1 month before and after surgery. Smoking slows the blood flow and the oxygen to your incision site, which keeps your skin alive. Nicotine also reduces the body ability to fight bad bacteria.

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