Breast Implant Profile. Which one is best suited to you?

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The most common misconception about round implants is they always look fake, this is not true. When I first speak to new patients over the phone they will often say they have lost weight or breast feed and have no volume in their upper breasts and in the next breath say they want teardrop implants because they are more natural. In over 90% of cases woman that no volume in their upper pole will need a round implant to fill the upper part of their breast. When I explain that the profile of the implant moderate, moderate plus and high profile all effect the final result and look of their breasts they start to understand round does not always equal fake or a ‘bolt on’ look.

Another thing that patients often ask for is high profile implants, as they believe this will result in a tighter cleavage, which is not always true. Every woman has slightly different breasts, not only in size but shape, how high they sit and how far apart they sit on your chest. The surgeon maybe able to bring your cleavage together slightly, but not much as this is a slippery slope. Once they start lifting the skin from your sternum there is no way that they can anticipate if it will keep lifting in the future. There really are pro’s and con’s of both tight and wide cleavage.

In the top image you can see the 3 main Mentor breast implants profiles that are used by our surgeons moderate, moderate plus and high profile, which each offer a different look/outcome.

Remember you do not need to know which one is best suited to your body. At time of consultation the surgeon will take into account the result you hope to achieve, measurements from your collar bone to nipple and width of your breast tissue. After all of these he will then recommend the implant size and profile for you.

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